Tirukkural Chapter 121 - Couplets 1,2,3

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL
அதிகாரம் 121 - நினைத்தவர் புலம்பல்.
121/01. உள்ளினும் தீராப் பெருமகிழ் செய்தலால்
கள்ளினும் காமம் இனிது.

121/01. Ullinum theerap perumagizh seidhalaal
Kallinum kaamam inidhu.

121/01. When one thinks about joy of love it gives him great pleasure
Than what he will get after drinking wine.
Amar: The joy of drink one gets only after drinking
But the joy of love one gets just while thinking.

Das: When one thinks of wine,
That'll give him only pain,
But only when he drinks
A little pleasure he gets.

But when its kick is lost
His pleasure goes out;
As an addict he suffers,
With all sorts of diseases.

Whereas love gives happiness,
Not any kind of diseases,
And as long as he thinks
Its joy never ceases.
121/02. எனைத்தொன்று இனிதேகாண் காமம்தாம் வீழ்வார்
நினைப்ப வருவதொன்று இல்.

121/02. Enaiththondrru inidhekaann kaamamthaam veezhvaar
Ninaippa varuvadhondrru il.

121/02. It is evident the very thought of love gives more happiness
Than any other thoughts, as when one thinks
Of his lover he feels happy immediately.
Amar: True, the joy of a pair of lovers
Cannot be compared with any other happiness.

Das: Yes, it can't be explained
By anyone, in simple words,
But it must be well experienced,
That kind of joy, if one must find.

Just as a spark that kindles fire,
The thought of one's lover,
Fills his heart with pleasure,
That vanishes away never.

It is not the infatuation,
That wears out soon,
But it is the love, more divine,
That with eyes can't be seen.
121/03. நினைப்பவர் போன்று நினையார்கொல்; தும்மல்
சினைப்பது போன்று கெடும்.

121/03. Ninaippavar pondrru ninaiyarkol; thummal
Sinaippadhu pondrru kedum.

121/03. She says, "One feels like sneezing, but it doesn't come.
Is my lover thinking of me, but actually not? "
Amar: This kind of feeling arises
When her lover is far away from her.

Das: Separation increases bondage.
Yes, this is true at every stage.
Mind remains not at rest
With some kind of thought.

Each one thinks about the other.
It is but natural for a lover
To feel much for his absence,
When she is alone at nights.

All kinds of thoughts haunt her,
More about her missing lover,
And now she has more doubts
Whether, about her, he thinks?

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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