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Will O'The Whisp
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Will O'The Whisp

When weeping willows wonder
whether weevils want
wild wishy-washy women
weaving with willingness,
whose whining
whips willing whimsicality,
wild wedge-wood weak warbler waste,
wallows, while witty wombats
win weird wealthy wallabies
wandering wankers, weak-willed,
weasels, wicked woodworkers,
'wimpish wire-worms wilt wantonly.

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Comments (3)

Herbert, unfortunately there's no cure for the dreaded 'wubbleyous', but you've handling your affliction very well. Cheers, Jerry
Wondefully whimsical words written.... :)
What wonderfull words werbet Warm regards allan