Will's Rotor Scooter

Yellow motor scooter goes putt putt peep
Running up and down the street
The wheel in front goes whirling around
And the one in back rolls on the ground
Harrison rides this yellow bee scooter
We call him Will Buzzer, he's a rotor bang tooter
Up Central avenue he flies ninety miles an hour
The next thing we see, he is fifteen feet
High above the mountain tower
Like a bomber bee he takes to the air
And dives to the ground with wind blown hair
I hope he has air brakes to slow him down
Before he smashes Doctor Tuckers antique shop
Here in the middle of town
From the Poet's Loft he takes a jump
Lands on Central avenue with a bouncy bump
Down to the bank he flies like a flash
Comes back grinning, with pockets of cash
Into the woods the scooter goes clicka-d-clack
With a thousand hornets chasing him back
The hornets and scooter buzz Granny's Kitchen
The Convention Center and Arlington Hotel
And then up the hill, putt putt like hell
Around the tower just three more times
Then he's a winner! At Oaklawn
Racetrack finish line

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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