Will The Love Last?

Sitting here in the courtyard

We stare into each others eyes

Holding hands

Reciprocating the love

Will the love remain, you ask me

I point at the upwards

Ask you does the sky end?

It's infinite so is our love

Lying along the shore

We are holding each other tight

All day all night

Breathing less kissing more

How deep is our love, you ask me?

You can go as deep as you want

But it keeps expanding exponentially so will our love

You keep me far or keep me close

You're gonna feel the oceanic love around

I give you scented flowers

I give you chocolates you love

I give you all my love

Do you think it's enough?

Will you love me like always, you ask me?

There is nothing in this world

Compared to my love for you

All I want to tell you

Your love keeps me right

You keep me alive

Your stary eyes show me the stars

Your smile shows me happiness

I will always hold your hand

Even if death takes me away.

Date 24/05/2014

by Amogh k shandilya

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