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Will There Be A Breeze In Heaven?

Will There Be A Breeze In Heaven?

Poem By barbara foster schutz

Will there be a breeze in heaven?
And if there is, will skinless souls still
Feel the zephyr’s gentle touch?

Will raindrops gather into pools
Where goldfish dart and the goldfinch
Comes to wet its wings?

Will angels sing Beethoven’s Ninth
While trumpets greet the dawn
of new and everlasting life?

Will all the fruits of Eden hang on trees
In easy reach? Will tongueless souls
Appreciate the plum, the peach?

Will sunlight cast its glorious beam
On heaven’s hills? And will its counterpart,
soft shadow, be allowed?

Will thunder rumble up from earth
To interrupt eternal peace,
Eternal calm, complacency?

Will we remember what we left behind
If heaven proves a stranger, and
Life’s small joys are life’s alone?

(August 2005)

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Comments (4)

Hello Barbara - nice to 'meet' you This is a beautiful poem. Your imagery, lovely. Warmest regards, CJ
Now this was beautiful! It really made one think and muse a little. Super! Sincerely Ernestine northover
Very thought-provoking........so many questions yet so few answers. Such a wonderful poem. Sincerely, Mary
Hmmm...this poem is deep, makes you think of the afterlife...questions of spirituality. I enjoyed. Good work