MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Will U Forgive Me When I'M Dead

So u have a lot of anger
Becoz u failed and had to dig a grave
Now your new master is misery and sorrow
Now u are nothing more than a slave

So you're angry at me
Becoz I got high with your demon seed
What do u want from me
Do u want me to die or shall I just bleed

If I die will u forgive me
Like u forgave him while u caressed his head
Well I'm not begging for ur forgiveness
I'd rather be dead

Can u forgive
Are u able
I got high with your little princess
But I didn't rape her on a changing table

Maybe u should blame yourself
Instead of blaming me for your creation of sin
I have a lot of blame to lay on you
But I have no idea where to begin

She's not my daughter
My daughter is nestled in her warm bed
And if u want to blame someone for your pain
Go to the grave and shout at the dead

But I forgot
When people die that's your time to forgive
Well if u don't want to forgive me then go to Hell
Becoz I'm going to fuckin' live

Don't ever compare your blonde headed brat
To the innocence of my young Queen
It's not my fault your raising the spawn of evil
And u can't make me feel guilty that I gave birth to a dream

If u want to neglect my young princess
If u want to ignore my young king
Just like u neglected me, then go ahead
Becoz your misery and tears no longer mean a thing

There comes a time when u have to stop crying
You will never have me to blame again
I don't want to be your shoulder to cry on
Go cry to your basement friend

Go cry to the doctor
That I arranged for you to meet
Tell him u want to stop crying
Becoz u have a fancy fake kitchen but u can't take the heat

And if u want to shout out in anger
If u want to find someone to blame
Go yell at your dead psychotic son
Did u forget his name

He's the one you forgave
When he was dead and cold as stone
I'm not gonna die for your forgivness
So stop shouting at me and leave me alone

I hope u are happy
In your make believe house with walls of red
And I hope you can forgive me for what I've done
Not that it matters becoz the next time u 4give me- I'll be dead

by Mr. Poetic

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