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Will We Ever Learn

In a World where some have too much thousands of hunger in the Sudan die
In a Land ravaged by war and drought the children for food cry
The babies suckle on their mothers nipples though their breasts of milk is dry
Those who say all people are equal are broadcasting a lie.

In Iraq there is death and suffering in another crazy war
And a suicide bomber sacrifices his own life to kill others with a bomb in a car
And families mourn for their dead loved ones after each explosive blast
And will we ever learn from the lessons of the past?

We are supposed to be living in an enlightened age though it does not seem that way
And for the callousness of the power wielders It's the innocents who always pay
Those good people who march for peace a minority sad to say
And man's inhumanity to his own kind is alive and well today.

The Planet that sustains us we pillage and destroy
And men dropp their bombs on Cities from the dark of the night sky
And people dying of hunger in their hundreds every hour
And to the unenlightened we give away our power.

by Francis Duggan

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