Will We Find Tracks Of Firebirds In The Snows

will we find the tracks of firebirds in the snows
the snows of the mind imprinted not imposed
with the heraldic rose or with

our embroidered losses
sad tapestries of the bygone.

scavengers of Beauty
of the fleece of clouds we'll
reign, perhaps a little while

illuminated with the gold

the rose of the child,
the moss green and violet sheens,
saffron, where the wind

blows down corridors
of the contemplative;
light bells on the wind.

will God send angels
softly you cried to the universe
of pure beginning

nursery rabbits on the wall,
their shadows portending

or in the corners at school,
bending no rules at all

mary angela douglas 4 august 2017

by Mary Angela Douglas

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