Praise thou with praise unending,
The Master of the Wine;
To all their portions sending
Himself he mingled thine:

The sea-born flush of morning,
The sea-born hush of night,
The East wind comfort scorning,
And the North wind driving right:

The world for gain and giving,
The game for man and boy,
The life that joys in living,
The faith that lives in joy.

by Sir Henry Newbolt

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I wrote a poem years ago, quite good, but for fun googled the name. found out.there are 3 others? will you be my friend did i plagiarize Sylvia or James K? I don't think its anything like theirs, but theirs are incredible as well.if someone wants to ck mine just ask for it, Signman1122@yahoo.com..Thanks, Tommy
i get it. superb. leaves your freind wondering eh!