Will You Be My Lady? ? ?

Poem By warner keisham

Will you be my lady? ? ?

No matter, if she can click to a (Nokia) handset very handy..
Her favorite should be like Mandy..
She can talk with her Daddy..
Where she talk so leng-d(th) y....
Unfortunately, Theology could be for her study..
May be staying in hostel is not good for her body..
She can choose to stay in PG with her any friend (not define) ND
New release movie, she can be always ready..
She should sing a song in melody..
I don't think, she should be greedy..
She should be HiFi Lady..
She can color her hair with burgundy..
It doesn't matter if she fits for MTV Roady..?
But she can have sometime chocolate candy..
She can watch TV Serial which is comedy..
I will help her in a seminar topic, eventhou, it is abt 'Antibody'..
She can ask me for a place that's woody..
Whenever I'll be with her, I should feel that I've found a remedy..
I always like to say, she will be my Lady Lady

Written by Warner on March 20 (3.27.25 PM

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I hope you have found such a one by now!
Good 👍😘
Very good rhymes you managed.. Good........

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