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Will You Be My Valentine?
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Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be my valentine?

You are my queen, that special sound in my ear that I cannot understand, it almost sounds like waves crashing with birds and kid laughing in the back ground, it brings peace to my mind, and it makes me sleep of a night,

You are my princess, that special person to my heart, one that makes my heart beat in time, and hard, I say you could hear it from 10miles away for that is how much I love you,

You are my angel. That special counselor in my life that changed my life, and brings out the best in me, and the one that shows me the right things to do, and the things that don’t seem to mean much, you make me relies just how lucky I am

You are my love. That special someone in my life, and my heart is 4 you, only you it is awaiting for you to come and touch it and hold it,4ever! , you are my love, the love of my life,

You are my queen, princess, angel and my love, and I only ask for one thing, for you to tell me how you feel, I no it may be hard or that you don’t feel the same, I cannot help the way I feel for you, will you be my valentine?

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