'Will You Be There? '

When am not there
When my physicality disappears
No longer talking
No longer defending myself
When my “three” are in tears
Will you be there?

When they ransack my crib
When my sweat go any-which-way
No longer respecting me
No regard for my “three”
When my “three” are in tatters
Will you be there?

When they dissect my being
When they deride and ridicule me
No regard for my roots
No regard for my real story
When my “three” are in torment
Will you be there?

When they lay me bare
When they shame me
When they judge me
When they condemn me
When they fight over my blood
When they argue over my sweat
Whilst in my casket
Will you still be there?

Dedication: To MJJ, may his soul rest in peace!

Monday,13th July,2009

Huyton, Liverpool, UK

by Isaac Maliya

Comments (11)

wonderful! a great tribute to a legendary soul!
Great poem Dad really excellent 10/10
i really liked this poem its shows dedication and love for MICHEAL JACKSON! ! ! (who was great)
Nice and a heartfelt dedication here, Good work, Isaac
i give u 10 marks for this beautiful work.
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