Will You Be There, Mr. Wolf, Will You?

Poem By Evan Skora

Are you still there?
Your warm embrace is gone,
Your protection
Your guidance.

The forest is quiet without you,
The darkness is setting in
Without your light
Without your love.

I pray to you
Mr. Wolf,
Stuck inside of me,
Come back.

Till your arrival,
I shall abide
With the darkness,
With the hate.

Every day
Growing colder
Ice sheaths my face,
The cold is a comfort.

As the blood slows
As the face whitens
As the soul rips out,
As the heart cries.

Death is my replacement,
A quiet substitute
For the real darkness,
Hiding deep in my heart.

Without you the darkness grows stronger,
Without you the world grows dimmer,
Without you I bleed,
Without you, the howls of the ever-endless crystal black nights,
Grow quiet.

Your journey is never ending,
My life is stuck on a clock,
Will you wait for me?
Will you be there when the darkness attacks.

Will you be there
Mr. Wolf,
Will you?

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