DAW (16.09.91 / Northumberland, England)

Gorgeous Eyes

You have the most gorgeous
sparkling eyes my sweet love.
They are windows of true honesty
a pure soul and a revelation
of a beautiful woman all the way.
You have the most gorgeous eyes
my gorgeous girl and I could just
gaze into them all day as I am
hypnotized in your beautiful love
and see your bright shining smile.
I want to hold you my sweet dear
and tell you're loved with
not just my words but with my big smile
and the deepest of loving looks.

You have the most gorgeous eyes
which I want you to close
for a few moments after my smile
and kisses on your forehead and lips,
I want you to close your sparkling eyes
so I can put some sweet little kisses on them
and take away all the scratchiness, dryness,
and pain you may feel as with my kisses
I take away all of your sad, lonely,
and aching tears.
So afterwards just look me right back in my eyes
so you can see all the loving truth that I hold,
so strong, so tender, and so very pure,
and I will look back into your eyes
to tell you I love you and you are so beautiful,
then with a soft caress on the cheek
I'll pull you in closely to me.

You have the most gorgeous eyes
and are the most wonderful and beautiful woman
I want to be with through all of time.
To be always able to catch all of your tears
and to make you smile so brightly
chasing away any clouds that may be hanging over you.
I want an eternity to hold your hand
and to tightly hold you and gaze into
your gorgeous eyes as I tell you
you are so beautiful and I deeply love you.
You my dear best friend truly are so magical
and I can't imagine anyones eyes being
so beautiful and sparkling so brightly,
there is no one my dear sweetie whose
hypnotizing eyes show such a beautiful
wonder and universe of a loving soul just like yours.

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Comments (4)

Danielle, what can i say? No one has ever written a poem about me before! I'm so lucky to have such a brilliant poet as my best friend. This poem is so sweet and it is 100% accurate! ! Of course I will be there tomorrow and every day after that. Love you lots Aly xxx
Amazing! ! ! The Hauntingly Beautiful..(Will You Be There Tomorrow) What an amazing poem, such quality Love Duncan X
Hello, Danielle! Your poem is very good. You are only 15, but the poem seems to be very mature. You have a real gift for writing poems.
Lovely work, Danielle. Friendship is forever. Warm regards, Sandra