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Will You Call Me Tomorrow
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Will You Call Me Tomorrow

Poem By maggie signaigo

Girl meets boy
and the game begins
I laugh at his jokes
and he pretends
To be appeased,
as I dismiss him
Outside the front door,
and casually kiss him

Confusing for sure,
but it wouldn’t be fair
If I just fell right over
with my legs in the air
I don’t have all the answers
Or know all the rules
But I hold most of the cards
And half of the tools

So you gotta play along
Patience is a virtue
It may be kinda hard
But it ain’t gonna hurt you
To wine me and dine me
And wait for fruition
Dinner, movies, and flowers
The price of admission

If you could only buy it,
A little closer to prime
Before the interest kicks in
And the price starts to climb
Do you cut your losses?
Did you miss your chance?
Are you gonna give up
Before you get in my pants?

Your efforts…predictable
I applaud your persistence
And your chess-like attack
Of my meager resistance
So I hope it was worth it
The battle you fought
Was the queen you captured
The victory you sought?

So now I must wonder
If this is the end
Will you call me tomorrow?
Or are you gone with the wind?

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