Will You Ever Know Her

She feels just like a prisoner,
with no where she can run.
She's fearful and paranoid,
thus her life is never fun.

It does not ever matter,
what she'd say or do.
Her Husband glares quite angrily,
as he always dissaproves.

She's forebidden to even talk,
to any other man.
'This can lead to Adultery,
don't you understand'?

She feels just like a tramp,
as if she'd had affairs.
She's accused of this each day,
her life is sad and bare.

He believes within his heart of heart's,
that everything she does.
she has an evil motive for,
thus she feels so very unloved.

'Why can't he ever see', she wonders,
'The person I truly am.
Why does he falsely accuse me,
when I do the best that I can'?

She knows that after fifteen years,
if he doesn't know her by now.
he'll never take the time to look,
for what he's never found.

by Ruth warren

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