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Will You Forgive Me?
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Will You Forgive Me?

Poem By Eman Awad

Will you forgive me if you knew,
that i've been in love before we even met?
He was the light that made my stars glew,
up in my sky, so that later i would regret.
And i regreted every moment when i met you,
i felt like i was wasting the time of my life.
But i've felt for him all that i've felt for you,
love never really left my heart all of my life.
And you are my life, that awaited love,
i knew i've been wasting my time but now i know.
My days are better, they are never tough,
and even when we fight that makes our love grow.
It was never my fault, it's so out of my hands,
but i promise from this day on, i won't let go.
And only a heart that loves shall understands,
and if you ever felt me,
you'll forgive me and you'll still love me so.

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