(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Will You Get Outta Here Tryin' To 'spook' Somebody

Take this.
It will feed you!

Look, Mac
The joke is on you.
If you don't give us what we want,
Millions will suffer.'

This has usages you will not believe.

What do you want?
Some change or something.
I think I've got a dollar.
You want it so you can leave me alone! ? '

This bone is so magical,
It will make you belive it's meat.
Thick and juicy when that need begins to creep.

Take this two dollars and split.
With that 'wannabee' Edgar Allan Poe' skit!
You don't know how funny you is, du ya?
I hope ya'll ain't out here in numbers! '

And your number just came in.
Put this in water and let it boil hot!
Grab that pot before it cools.
And dropp some salt and pepper,
Ifyagotit in that pot.
And spices and herbs.
Add a vegetable or two.
You'll be amazed what the mind...
In your future can do!
If you let it!

'Man, don't step no closer,
Or I'll have to 'pop' ya!
I don't know who sent you here,
On an aggravation mission.
But I will be fine.

My employer has informed me!
And all of us here today...
Our loyalty and devotion
Will always keep us in good standing!
He has ensure our rights are upheld.
Along with our investments.'

Here. Here...
I am proud you are filled with pride.
Keeping one's dignity is not for the upcoming scenes.
That movie is no longer in play mode!

Think of it,
Think of it as a gift!
A gift towards 'strengthening' your investments.
Think of it as a tool.
Or a weapon to diffuse confusion.
You'll find it has many usages.
Keep it!
It's yours to do as you wish.
Wish you had it if you dismiss it!

Will you get outta here tryin' to 'spook' somebody,
Dayum! '
And that's a very weak 'Vincent Price' imitation! '

Vincent Price?
You remember Vincent Price?
Then you 'should' have 'some' insight!
If you remember...
Vincent Price!

Vincent Price?
Vincent Price?
You can remember 'thee' Vincent Price?
Then you 'should' have 'some' insight!
If you can remember 'thee' Vincent Price....

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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