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Will You Hug Me Again?

You are going back home
Right I got it

I don't know if you have forgiven me or forgotten
I would like to know the current status of your mind
Since you have announced the direction of your voyage
I assume I have completely decomposed in your life

I don't know how I can explain my hurtful deeds
I have no words for it and I accept my mistakes
No day goes by without thinking of you
No night goes by without wishing to get back in your arms

Once you get back home things will change
I can never again wish to pass by you on the road
The only way left for me is to walk my path myself
Leaving my soul in the past with you

You must achieve all that you wish for
And stay with the people who value you
Just one thing to tell you
Please come back anytime you feel like and hug me
I will be waiting for you

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