(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Will You Keep Me?

Yes, it is me
who looks at You
from the oddest places and strangest faces
as I just happen to be
only near You to see
you go through life's mysterious paces.

In your coffee cup though
it's unbearably hot,
as I swim to and fro:
Will you drink me or not?

In the night I am flying
through mountains of ice,
always looking and searching
for the one Edelweiss.

As you found me inside you,
chamber locked from within
I will welcome your presence
and I'll have my own grin.

So, I ask you in shyness:
Will you let me stay longer?
(Feel like calling you 'Highness'
if it makes my case stronger) .

I will still look at you
from the watering can.
If You tell me 'I do'
I will stay as your man.

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Comments (2)

Heartfelt and well written. I like the rhyme scheme
Wonderful poem...creative point ot view.