Will You Love Me Enough?

Will you love me enough? – Today
And tomorrow – when the sun meets
The sea in every horizon
Twirling opportunity’s sweets

Will you love me enough? When the
Moon meets infinite brilliant stars
When my hair turns gray from worries
And we go through a dozen cars

Time flying by – ever so sweet
Talking – kissing amorously
Wishing more time available
For further plans done cleverly

Talking daily on the cell phone
Smiling and glowing happily
Merry, blissful, in high spirits
Precious moments come easily

Will you love me enough? When the
Green valley meets rugged mountain
And our shadows dance excitedly
Then dash and splash in the fountain

Will you love me enough? If fate
Comes knocking – it is meant to be
Destiny is calling surely
Providence prevails – can you see

Will you love me enough – will I?
We will, love each other enough

by Ana Monnar

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Awesome Ana. A 10 from me. This is the question I guess all couples ask each other. Sadly enough...sometimes they don't love each other enough to continue their journey together.