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Will You Love Me?
MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Will You Love Me?

Poem By Midnight Clarity

And will you love me
with all the whispered tenderness
your breath speaks against my skin?
Delve into my secrets with due care
fishing for the mainline to my soul
gentle touches tickling the trout that swim
through the river of my fancies, my desires
to capture them and mount them
rare jewels, strange trophies
frozen in a moment of despair, of exultation
or will your breath turn acrid
with false promise crushing all the stars
once shining in my eyes
now scalding down my cheeks
as tears
so salty they carve channels
in my wounded flesh, that broken heart,
plundered secrets scattered
on the lawn of your indifference,
fine bones that crumble under careless feet
treasures turned to trash
yet i believe you'll love me
lift me up and pin me to the sky
a constellation glowing in your heart
your mind
with rainbow gleams
that light your dark forever.

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