ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Will You Notice?

Will You notice when I'm gone?
Will you no when the phone just rings out?
Your sure to have no doubt.
Will you just think I'm sleeping?
Or in another mood.
Will you prejudge me again?

I'm guessing you'll just think.
I'm not near the brink.

But let me tell you this.
You are wrong plain wrong.

Death is taking my hand.
My life I am about to take.

But I only wonder this
Will you even notice I've gone.
But some how I doubt you'll care.
You allways made me feel small.

You never notticed my dipair.
But you'll have to notice my suicide

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very sad poem that begs for sympathy. you've really put across the emotions of the person who is about to commit suicide of all the negativity and all the questions wanted answered! i just hope this isnt reflected on a true situation that you or anyone you know have experienced.