(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Will You Pray?

All we see and hear in the news
Are crimes emphasized against the flesh.
No one seemingly sees
What is in the soul
But we are being put to the test.
Will You Pray?

We fuss and fight
About what we've learned
And trust someone else to prove it.
But lets change within ourselves
Hoping the world catches on to it.
Will you pray?

How many children
Must we watch die
How many parents must just stand by.
How many politicians must we scrutinize
Why must we sit and just critcize.
Will You Pray?

The startling avenues of wicked flesh
Has no resentment or shame
When presenting itself.
Why pout from within yourself
Reach out your spirit show some help.
Will You Pray?

If we control our attitudes
And demonstrate love and peace.
Maybe the sinner would be drawn
In seacrh of forgiveness
For his unrighteous deeds.
Will you Pray?

These are just a few ways
To weaken people who are saved.
But we must watch what we do
And truly monitor
All things that we say.
Will You Pray?

It vexes our spirits
It digs at our hearts.
It tugs on our beliefs
Until on our very souls
The life of it embarks.
Will You Pray?

How can we not know
The intensions of sin.
You've read where it happened
You remember your own story
And know where it begins.
Will You Pray?

We are the righteous
We are of The Blessed Seed.
We must reflect and remember
That at any adversity
To stay on our knees.
Will You Pray?

Some say its the fault of TV
Some say its the fault of radio.
But to you and I the believers
Case closed
We already already know.
Will You Pray?

Prayer replaces complaining
Meditation it takes time.
And until we practice by these measures
We'll be made ignorant
And probably miss the signs.
Will You Pray?

Being blinded by confusion
Which is not directly driven
Not from your heart.
Is the way the devil reveals himself
By someone else giving you a jump start.
Will You Pray?

I love you honestly
And you earnestly love me.
But it doesn't mean the same
When we have a difference in opinion
And we fail to agree.
Will You Pray?

It has happened to lands and countries
It has happened among friends.
I see no comprimise
On the horizon
Until God calls it the end.
Will You Pray?

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