Will You Wait..For Me?

Poem By S.A.M. Tho'maz

Living my life and learning to love
Faith unseen, for things above
The smell of fresh flowers, the touch of ones hand
A heart that is beating, like the drums of a band
First hugs and first kissess. and now butterfly's
Awaken young maidens, spring is alive....
A history thats young, and new first desires
Fan flames of sweet passion like spreading wild fire
Thoughts filled with dreams, of embraces and smiles
Still have to wait, jus for a while
The news isn't good, how do I tell thee?
That death is knocking, on the door you see.
In it's hand it carrys, a card with my name
Now dreams of the future, won't be the same...
but if I don't answer, if he's got no key! ! !
To death I say, will you wait

for me...............

(Dedicated to those of us fighting to live. copyright2007)

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Lovely and very sweet

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