Life Is Perfect Sometimes

Glorious long days
hang from the sun until dark,
beauty stacked upon beauty
and all of it for Love.

Vast prairie of day
with another one to follow,
the trees burning fires in the sky.

Time is a lazy, tame horse
and leisure a profession.

No imperative exists
but to drift like a cloud
through the sky of my day,
doing whatever I love.

by Max Reif

Comments (7)

Ohohoho! I will tell him to wait for you :) 10+
I love these simple lines ... if someone can show his heart to his beloved as simple as you did in your poem hmmm! ! ! ! ! 10.. Ali
'I am waiting there for you Will you wait there for me too? ' Simple and melodiou,10 added to it.
don't wait let the love touch ur lover, , don't keep it in ur heart. i know it will be great love in paradise, but it is diffirent love in reallife. nice poem dear hataw :) cheers Timon
Hmmm, nice Interesting again...good write
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