Will You Walk With Me? (Rondeau)

Will you walk with me, up the staircase of our life;
At the top, can I hold your hands and call you wife?
I will walk with you! I’ll bring comfort along the way.
I will pick flowers and give you many a bouquet.
My shoulders are broad, to bear your every strife,

And to your contentment, I dedicate my life.
This love is abundant and will always be rife.
So what is your answer. My darling, what do you say,
Will you walk with me?

Babe, I’ll give you kisses – The elixir of life,
I will be a man, and treat you right - as my wife!
Today the moon is full, but it will be part one day,
The seasons change, but forever by your side I’ll stay.
So love, on this most exciting journey of life,
Will you walk with me?

Copyright © 2010 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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