Will Your Name Be There My Friend?

Christ is over everything, as God has put all things under His feet,
Even all Believers will be judged by Jesus Christ at The Bema Seat.

Their works will be judged, while others will face The White Throne,
However this second Judgment is one that they’ll Eternally bemoan.

When at The Lord’s Heavenly Throne will be those who Truly believed,
Will be acknowledging Jesus by laying down the crowns they received.

Others won’t be so joyful, for Eternal Damnation will be their end,
They had many opportunities, but chose to scoff at Christ my friend.

For their arrogance they will see Eternal Punishment with no relief,
For they chose to laugh and mock and follow those who were deceived.

They will again have opportunities to see that Christ is truly real.
When Christ the Only One Who is Worthy will open up the first seal.

After the seals are all opened the Trumpet Judgments will be seven,
And God’s Fiery Judgments will continue on every man under Heaven.

Then God will continue with His Judgments through the seventh bowl,
For God must quench His Righteous Anger on every unbelieving soul.

And also the False Prophet who deceived unbelievers to their death,
Christ will destroy by His Splendor and overthrow him by His breath.

Now that Jesus has shown us The Way and nothing will change the end,
When He opens up The Book of Life will your name be there my friend?

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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