(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Goodnight My Queen 3

Goodnight my dear Queen come lay down with me,
end this long tear filled day snuggling
and sharing sweet kisses of true love.
All I want is to end this night wrapped up
in my beautiful womans arms feeling accepted and loved.
Helping her to feel the same reassuring her
that she is my only one forevermore.

I'll be with you holding your hand
as I hold you so close and tight next to me.
Just softly talking sharing kisses so gentle,
stroking your hair as you rest your head upon my chest.
I love you so much and need you here,
spending each morning and night with my only love
in my arms letting her know she is truly loved
and will never be alone ever again.

I'll see you tonight my dear one as we come together
in the land of dreams so we can be together,
being next to each other feeling our bodies
as we just cuddle under the moon and stars lying down
on a blanket wrapped in another in a comfortably
cool night to help warm each other and also gaze at one another.
To spend time with you there helps till you're here.

Goodnight my sweet Queen Kira and hear my hearts loving,
know that it's true in its songs of deep meaning,
feel my arms wrapping around you in full loving
because you are the woman I deeply adore
and the Angel I treasure and cherish above all,
oh my dear Kira I want to spend eternity with you.
You're all I desire and I love to no end.
Goodnight Kira my Queen and the sweetest of dreams.

by Michael P. McParland

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