William Barnes

William Barnes was an English clergyman and poet
In the nineteenth century he was one of literary note
From Bagber he was raised a farmer's son
And for his poetry in his lifetime widespread acclaim he won

Many of his poems in the Dorset dialect even popular today
He was one who with words did have a way
A poet who has been outlived by his fame
So many good poems live on in his name

A devout man he lived to a good age
Many of his poems bear the mark of a poetic sage
Of his rightful place in literary history none him ought to deny
And to him the word greatness does apply

One might say of him in a class of his own
His marvelous poems on nature and people remain widely read and known
Those who like his poetry fans of his poems remain
And revisit them again and again

In 1886 in his eighty fifth year William Barnes died
His poems today known to many poetry fans Worldwide
Today he remains as a credit to the wordsmith trade
True poets like he was are born and not made.

by Francis Duggan

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