Willing To Whisper

This feeling I tried to undo
Guess things won’t turn coz I want it to
This has been difficult
Life is a sea without the salt

I wish I haven’t spoken
Those things that made you leave me broken
Everything I will surely remember
Those moments by the side of the river

Those songs that we used to sing
Those moments that I made you my king
Those shoulders that used to comfort me
Those nights you spent telling me how much you love me
Those days that we used to laugh
Then there are the days when it’s all just a bluff

Trying to fulfill a promise
But then you went and gave me a Judas kiss
Everything is such a mere memory
Crazy, stupid moments with thee

Oh how I wish you could see
This smile on my face now that you flee
I want you to suffer


by Marigold Baylon

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A betrayal within bliss of love well depicted in the poem. Well articulated and nicely written piece. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
a very good and wonderful poem. Kindly read and rate my poems