The willingness
To mind one's own business.
Can be such a traumatic undertaking.
And life changing for someone nosey.
Who has become so involved in the process.
That is far beyond being,
Labelled a peeping tom.

The willingness.
To not listen to gossip.
Done to rush judgements to pass.
Or take what has been heard,
To spice up with innuendos.
Spreading that gossip,
With lip licking juice to add.

The willingness.
To admit.
One has become addicted.
But wishes to distance,
Away from the nonsense.
To clear one's head.
Instead of craving for more of it.
Until one falls asleep in a chair.
And not a bed.
Hoping to get that one last 'fix'.

The willingness.
To self exam.
With this done to pinpoint,
Exactly where one's problems begin to exist.
By realizing it is not only a diet,
One needs to have changed.
But moving away all day where one sits.
Snacking on munchies.
To then complain about the weight,
One gains on widening hips.

The willingness.
To quit what is a habit.
Is difficult.
But if one commits,
To a changing all of this.
Anything done to do and admit,
With determination.
Better lived will their life get.
Leaving them the first to notice it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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