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Willow Tree River

Where the kingfisher darts the river Stour will flow
with its great old willows swaying to and fro.
Long slender branches with their leaves deep in water
makes these old trees look so much shorter.
This lazy river just slowly passing by, with fluffy white clouds
dotted in the sky. An artist landscape or a writers dream
where the river and sunlight reflect the scene.
Around the bend stands another great willow and a different
scene just steals the show. Dragon flys swoop
above your head and the fish stir up the river bed.
A bridge and a mill where life stands still
a place of beauty that doesn't seem real;
yet I have seen this Constable Country with it's
aged old willows along, The Stour running free.
Not to forget the church that has stood the test of time
with a stained glass window made so refine.
with a dedication to a man who's art we love
who now resides in Heaven above.

Remembering John Constable 1776-1837
A Tribute to a Great Artist.

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What a beautiful word painting. Serene thoughts recollected in tranquillity. This is a poem filled with creative light.. Love, Sandra
Great poem Sylvia, I love the last 2 lines. Bless! Im off to read some more of these great works.x0x
I don't know if I will ever get to see England (but I so want to!) , but you, every time you post a piece like this, take me on my own private tour, and how glad I am to go along with my dear friend Sylvia Rose! Thank you for the beautiful trip.