Little Bit Of Flow

Like I'm the HOVA a supernova a Jehovah to my witnesses,
Money in my pocket that's what a grown mans Christmas is,
And every penny that I make I don't spend on any stupid shit,
It goes to help the family, to get shit if we're missin it

In my mind Im at the top and to me that's all that matters,
I might be workin under me but my pockets gettin fatter,
While some sittin at the bottom I'm still climbin up that ladder,
Eat a lot of crow but I won't let my ego shatter

Hangin onto life, I’m livin one day at a time,
And it helps me everyday to throw myself into a rhyme,
I thank my family for my blessings, cause they truly are devine,
And if there really is a god, sorry, you’re next in line

Although I see me at the top I got a long, long way to go,
Although I feel I work so hard, what do I really have to show?
I exercise my mind to increase the things I know,
So i can add it to my poems and create a better flow

One day I'll make a difference with my words and with my mind,
I'll explore the inner psyche and explain the things I find,
I'll open all the eyes of those who've become blind,
And I'll restore the worlds glow to the way that it once shined

As long as people learn to spread the positivity,
That is what I'm striving for, that's what it's about for me.
Writing is an outlet and a way to make a difference,
A way to understand the ins and outs of mental consciousness

by Eric Schojan

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