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Wimbledon's Unsung Hero
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Wimbledon's Unsung Hero

You've watched my work in your millions
every year without fail, as
I'm on the screen so frequently;

and yet few know my face;
that's how I'd like it:
do your job, go watch the game...

there's some doubt whether I do this
just for love; or whether money
changes hands in some offshore account;
or indeed, whether I'm a conspiracy
involving the better-known;

the less known, the better, is what I say;
who wants the dread words 'product placement'
bandied around this hallowed turf..

but yes, you've guessed it:
I'm the guy you never see
who turns the labels on the Robinson's bottles
(once of barley-water fame, in the days
before 'probiotic liquid supplements')
to face the TV camera..

my service never faults.

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Comments (2)

Yes a true unsung hero Michael - - and could name a few more too - a delightful aside to the excitment in play at Wimbledon...... top 10 from Fay.....xx
A great alternative poem to the tennis fanatics. Wonderful reading and a chuckle with it. Good old barley water, can't do without it, sooths many throats and detoxes the system. Top Marks. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX