CB (05/23 / Illinois)

Wimps Don'T Grow In Gardens

When did parents stop raising their sons to be men.
Now is the time for reeducation to begin.
Women are tired of raising their children alone.
Men need to get it together and go home.

Stop running from your responsibilities,
the government will make you pay the penalties.
You can’t wait to do the crime, ooh, it’s so good,
so stick around and do the time, like a good dad should.

Parents stop raising children in fear and dependency,
as they grow older they develop weak tendencies.
Teach them to be independent, self-thinkers
able to care for themselves and
not one who is constantly dependent on
someone else.

It’s good to be there to guide and lend a helping hand,
but please, I ask you as an independent woman,
don’t raise a weak man.
Weakness has a tendency to lead to a dependency
on alcohol, drugs or other forms of destructions.
It’s hard to raise a man child, today’s society is running wild
with incompetents who think they have the only instructions.

We need to keep our men out of the jails and that can
be done with the influence of more positive males.
Women don’t like raising children alone
unless it’s absolutely necessary to make it on their own.

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