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Win Or Lose

I’m trying to understand you
But nothing’s coming through
Either you’re full of lies
Or you’re afraid to tell the truth
You need to get your facts straight
Before my heart’s broken in two
Cause I don’t know how long I can keep fighting for you

I’ve been through so much
And for you that’s not enough
No one will ever care about you like I do
Come on boy you gotta to choose
Either it’s her or me
Just don’t leave my heart in misery
And don’t lie to her either-she doesn’t deserve that
You can’t tell a girl you love her and then not tell her the facts

So you need to choose-Either I win or lose
Just don't make me wait forever darling because i refuse
So now I go on rhyming making my words true
Cause this is crazy, I can’t keep fighting for you

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