(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Wincees, in, see, win, sine, wine, cine, seen, wins!
With the muse of a lovely dog in the land of the living;
Loved by its owner to respect the ways of life,
And, with the joy of nature.

'Wincees'! ! Was the name of the dog who won the hearts of many;
Of the very people around,
Having eight puppies to play around with; and to care for them.
'Wincees' is a name to the world so sweet! !
With its owner taking care of this beautiful dog and the eight puppies.

Finally, after many years of being around, the dog died;
Sad News! ! Yes, death came around and took thew dog away.
Life and death, knowing what we are about to face when, one is born;
As the people around mourned for the dog.

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