RLA ( / Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA)


I am the mighty wind blowing and ceasing
not telling where I have been
I can be sultry hot, bitter cold,
though you can't see me I am bold
The only glimpse you see are hearing me push
and seeing what I have touched
I can bash without end being neither enemy or friend
I am quite happy lifting the flag in outstretched stand
In summer where sunbathers lie
I push the waves toward the waiting sand
Where lovers walk I send the dust
in dance in Autumn Time
In winter I bluster and cause the waves
to dash the rocks around New England's Coast
Spring is the season I like best, may I boast
I have the choice of curling my breath
around colorful flowers
Or rising high with clouds forming
great funnel shaped towers
North, South, East, or West I do my job the best
I am what I am, the mighty wind

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