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Wind Breaker
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Wind Breaker

Poem By Ima Ryma

Pecos Bill was a little bored.
When a tornado happened by.
What the heck? Pecos jumped aboard.
The funnel whirled into the sky.
To get Pecos off of its back,
The tornado plowed the Great Plains,
Leaving the Rockies in its track.
But Pecos kept hold of the reins.
The tornado knew it was tamed,
And let out such a torrent of piss,
The Grand Canyon formed where it aimed,
And Pecos said enough of this.

Hoppin' off the twister, Bill grinned,
'I'm gul durned good at breakin' wind.'

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Comments (2)

a turning back of life comes in a wind breaker of today....never it lost for thy power breaks the wind....beautiful concept of courage and bravery to face life....God bless....a 10/10
A good write- quite enjoyable!