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Wind From Past
(May 14,1969 / Narayanganj)

Wind From Past

In the golden silence of wood
A gust stirred the leaves of a tree
And a narrow stream of blood
Flew down the mountain free.

My legs are as if huge rocks
They could hardly move a bit
Memory turned over pages
All wrong and wrong oh shit!

Boat swayed on the waves
Lovemaking fishes have motto
We two posed before camera
Mystery of river took our photo.

Tide has inundated village
Fire burnt the frame of sky
When you said ‘all ruined’
Is there hope of renewed tie?

If silence detests noise
Why should they meet again?
Was it then an illusion?
False emotion, no real pain?

Moon laughed venom
Rose spread sweat conspiracy
Known not girl’s mind
Evening was never so messy.

Cage bird forgot green
Wasp stung the healed bruise
Dream went far away
Beyond the ocean on cruise.

There’s nothing on earth
Only disease, tear and despair
I attempted to touch them
But they were no more there!

Wind blew from the past
Belief carried my dead body
A grave was dug in water
Life is so cheap and shoddy.

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