IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Wind In The Trees For Friend Thad

The winds play haunting melodies
Upon the branches of bare trees
From which they pluck the notes they seek.
Each composition is unique.

The music that the wind can play
is different in every way.
From any score that humans write.
Holds me entranced in sheer delight.

Soft sad laments which seem to be
expressing sorrow endlessly
But these sad notes can segue into
a lively beat so you want to

Clap your hands and tap your feet
entranced by the hypnotic beat.
The music changes constantly
a show of virtuosity

That doesn’t need an audience
Although some times I seem to sense
that is playing just for me
To which I listen gratefully

It plays the tunes that suit my mood
as if the wind well understood
I'm sometimes happy sometimes sad
depending on the day I’ve had.

I know quite well the wind is free
and is not playing just for me.
It does no harm if I pretend
the wind regards me as a friend.

Although it has no reason to
I think perhaps it might be true
I am content to listen to
its haunting music so I do.

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Every morning I sit on my deck and listen to nature as it wakes, the wind to stir the trees and the sound of birds singing their song, a melody that my soul so needs. Thank you Ivor, a wonderful poem to remind me why I enjoy my early mornings so much..... thanks for sharing michael