Wind Mills

Man-made gods single-headed
Attached to a detached bust
Synthesizing on top decored
Three- handed, two-handed deified
Whirling in slow motion
Standing at ease on four legs
Empowered to empower human needs
Whilst headless wind-God dispersedly
Diffusing, herding his rotor-children

by Indira Renganathan

Comments (5)

Wow... you poured life into the professional outcome of an engineering marvel. I bet any engineer who reads this will be professionally motivated. 'Attached to a detached bust' : -- Liked this description! The following lines are simply outstanding.... Marvelous 'Whilst headless wind-God dispersedly Diffusing, herding his rotor-children' A sweet 10 Ma'am.
A unique way of describing one of my most favorite man-made creations. '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
well penned...meaningful powerful reality... a best venue for reflection...God bless....a 10 +
man-made wind gods standing high against the blue sky!
well explained and put together, and visually interesting. Love the reference to the windmills as 'Man-made gods'. So true.