Wind Of Changes

Poem By Nassy Fesharaki

Wind of changes

Lucky I was to find me brother
In Mazar, Afghans...

His name "Merciful, "
From "In the name of Allah,
Compassionate, Merciful."

Left Kabul, Bagram.
Afraid of Taliban.

My life in Kabul,
Ticket, aeroplane,
Need many hours.

Address to find him:
"Avicenna, Pharmacy."

Knew not of me,
I knew of him.

He was Homayun
Dealt in currencies.

The rulers' shadow
Hung on every road!

Told him of my needs:
"A friend and guide."

"Guess it is me but
I can, and I cannot! "
He said and smiled.

Took me to have meal
In a place named, called:
"The Pamir Restaurant."

Was not fancy but
Was best example,
To show kind people
With great love, care.

He paid and helped me,
Like uncle, the kin.

Then went to a house,
Gave Qamis-Shalvar,
Towel for Hammam.

"Our home is yours,
Enjoy Afghans' house."

Many years have passed
To me is last nights.

Search, ask everyone,
Have offered rewards:
"Find me my lost ones, "
But so far have failed,
Have lost their trace.

Had trips in Balkh,
Searching for Rumi,
Loved to see, not found.

He was the master in
Talk, showing, tell
Of the past, fresh:
"Power kills and rapes! "

His father named sons
After God, Koran:
"In name of Allah…"
And two behaviours.

"The losses and deaths…"
He explained and said:
"…have tied me at home! "

He was only one from many men,
"You stay, replace, second brother."

I too, lost that nest
To the wind's changes.

Comments about Wind Of Changes

Great one my brother. I can see the movie in my mind. Your style and power of evoking enotion is unique. I have been to Afghanistan through your poem. Great stuff.
Your story is heart-warming, but also bittersweet. What lovely lines you wrote: FELT BEING HOME, AFGHAN, / IN A HOUSE MADE OF HEARTS... I HAVE LOST MY NEST TO THE CHANGES. // This could only have been written by someone who found friendship while living through terrible turmoil.

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