Wind Of The North, (Part 4) Winter Mare

Wind of the North!
Autumnal colors spill from turning leaves
that coat the earth then wither where they lie,
seduction strips the branches of the trees,
a few still cling but all must surely die
exasperated forms inundating sky.
Winters rise! Break your chambered bonds and hear
cold and darkening sounds her ceaseless neighs
by her side ten snow leopards claw the air
storming through the Northern Plains rides the Winter Mare.

by Captain Cur

Comments (2)

What an imagery in a adventurous picture you done here, the journey is scary but thats not a step back for someone, a wise captain to decide...ride to the sea till the wind calm again!
Read the poem 'Wind Of The North, (Part 4) Winter's Mare' and got pleased, found stunning depiction on nature and reign of winter over it. Fantastic, thanks.