Wind Of The North, (Part 5) Ride Fast Your Deathless Horse

Wind of the North!
Ride fast your deathless horse! When as before
you gazed upon earth in its infancy
and spread your arms above her molten core
your winds blew in the wilds of destiny
and watched the great shores dash into the sea.
All who can dream must shudder at that force
pried from the fingers of eternity
strewn madly in ever widening course;
Wind of the North! Ride fast your deathless horse!

by Captain Cur

Comments (2)

Look at the challenge and how you command with bravery! when i read this, feel like as if your voice is here...echoes in my ears! seriously Captain you didnt use microphone hahaha LOL.
quick winged birds retreat above the ocean's roar circling flocks pulling south fearing what will be on opposing poles, great ice shelves breaking free. Weak and weathered passages crumbling in force; ..... touching expression. I appreciate this poem. Thanks for sharing.