Here We Are Together

In this world of bitter ends,
Long lost letter to a friend:
This is my entry.

I hope this finds you pleasantly,
Without long regrets or sad bitterness.
I always thought you were the strong one
Out of all my useless friends.
Look at you now! How long it's been!
Heard you were some famous artist,
And you fell in love again.
I always thought you'd save your love for me...
Oh well...

Can you believe what they're saying on the news?
All them fakers stealing their own lines
They call these bandits 'reality stars, '
What a laugh it is now.
I could never imagine selling myself.
That's something I saved for you.
Do you remember me?
Remember how it used to be?
When we'd share our music in the park,
We'd whisper lines of poetry in the dark,
I always loved you.

I don't even know who I'm writing this to.
If I met them now or later,
Or maybe it was another lifetime,
When I was a flower or a bird,
Or maybe in another world,
Another galaxy, far off, unknown.
But you were always the one, the one I shared my stories to,
And no one really gets it like you do:

You are my chosen one.

by author unknown

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Too vague trying to express sitting in a rail road car at night I would assume he did this before the age of 10.