8 years baby she is
What did she even experience in her little life
How did the little one come across so much pain
How many wounds could the little girl bear
Ever thought anything such happening to your girl?
Or would you still be quiet if it happened?
Would you let them roam free lik you just did?
Now even a little girl has no safety in our so called civilised country?
Was it her mistake to tak birth as a girl child?
Or it is your reasons?
And our 'great nation' wouldn't punish those animals
They will be given food and shelter with all necessities
And the little soul will still cry for being a girl
Now she's a 'breaking news'..
Soon she will be forgotten and those animals will be forgiven.
Another soul just joined heaven praying and hoping that she will never be a girl again.
And that's our incredible India 🙏

by Sanjana Kottapalli

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Too vague trying to express sitting in a rail road car at night I would assume he did this before the age of 10.