Poem By Temitayo Ankra

In the stillness of the night
When the day light glows soft and low
There is always a special window
In my heart is where I go
As I pull back the curtains
Memories of you so clear flows through me
Wondering if you would treat me better
Though distance separates us now
But looking through my window
All I see is you
I wish this is real
I wish we have the time to heal
Start afresh and leave our past behind
A window of love and a window of truth
All I want is to be with you
Start a new one together
Where we would hold hands looking through a crystal clear glass
The window of our love and life

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People throw rocks at the love windows today, from the, STREET of LOVE

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My Thougths

if there is something to behold at my non-existence,
it would be my existence.
if there is something to behold at my existence, it would be my life.
if there is something to behold at my life,

In Memories Of.......

i sit at the roof top with a piece of paper and pen thinking of what to write
but the only thing i think about is the memories of you
so dear were you to me, i can never forget all we shared
in times of trouble you would come to my rescue

Life Is A Journey

life they say, is the essence of living
living they say, is the essence of life
life thus, is a journey, that we live through
in the journeys we make, we are faced by the reality of brute


Sometimes wish that I could be alone
really alone, where neither friends nor foes would be close
just me and the air I breathe, a pen and paper, Searching for the right words to write how I feel
to ponder and fathom what life has in stalk for me, staring into space I begin the journey like a wheel

Coup D'Etate

A loud bang woke me
although with my blurry eyes, the bright light I could see
it sounded like firer works in December,
but it was only June if could remember

A Letter To Your Heart.

I seek for the nicest of words to write you
Still non equates what i feel deep down for you
i try to express myself with the most beautiful words
But i wld rather show you the most beautiful piece of my heart