NG (November 5th 1972. / Some hospital I think...can't remember...was very young at the time.)


'Better that I break the window
than him or her or me...' Fiona Apple.

Sick of love,
and people
that appear to be
with this disease.

They embrace it
as if it's
a good thing
when in
all honesty
it's just
a chemical imbalance
brought around
by the consumption
of far too much

You wake up
in the bleary eyed
morning to find
in another relationship
and at first
you think
it's the best idea
that you've ever had.

That is until
the honeymoon period
wears off.

It usually
last's about 2 months,
then you start to notice
that those little things
you found so cute
at the beginning
are quite annoying.

But you brush it off.

Not all of
their habit's drive you
to distraction.

Some are still endearing.

Then time walks on
and you find that your
original observation
in fact

Their just annoying.

But you're in love right?

So you turn
the blind eye.

That's what people
in love do?

Turn the blind eye.

Until the weeks
and months roll by
and all you want to do
is strangle them
every time they
open their damn mouth.

You're fighting more
but that's all part
of it,
isn't it?

You'll survive this,
you have each other.

Then you notice
that their staying out
later each night
with their 'friends'.

But you want them
to have their space,
you don't want them to feel
like you want to own them.

So give them freedom,
give them air,
give 'em enough

or later they'll
hang themselves.

Then the words
that every person

'...We need to talk.'

And you just
want to say.

'No, WE don't.
YOU do.
There's nothing that
I've got to say that
you want to hear,
you've already made
your mind up
and I can tell by
the sheepish look
on your face that
I'M not gonna
like it.'

But you sit there
like a dumb-ass
and listen to

1) 'It's not you, it's me.'
2) 'I think we need some space'
3) 'I've met someone else.You'd like him...'

And before you know it
their gone for good
and all you're left with
is a broken heart

a broken hand

and a
bill for
a broken
window pane.

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Comments (2)

Hey we need to talk'..If I had a 5$ bill for each time I've heard that one, I would have a nice pair of brand new shoes..Soooooo True, you always seem to take the words right outta my mouth..Good one Neil. So impressed..
You know, at first I was in disapproval. But I was captivated by the quote in the beginning and felt as though I must read on. I do agree that oftentimes 'love' is just as you described. Trust me, that's not love. That's imagination. Love DOES exist, in the purest form. Wonderful read.