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Poem By Ilari Rahja

Frost circles, on a glass.
I watched.
Hour upon hour.
Through a day's loneliness.

Insignificant seeds.
Sat by the window.
Traced its essence.
Into the air.

As mist disappeared.
A vapor of breath.
Onto nothingness.
Has translated.

Thinking of life.
I blew my heat.
Onto the glass.
Time and again.

Drew your name.
Into its frost.
Some pictures.
To vanish.

With the next breath.
Float into the sullen air.
There, I picture your face.
Those haunting eyes.

Saw within them.
Your face.
A reflection.
Of my own.

Candle flickers...

Dancing light.
Reflecting across the wall.
Frozen windows.
Playing, on its icy roses.

Around it goes.
Until dizzy from tossing.
Turning again I shall go.

Wonder, what evil thus.
Would keep me awake?
Conscious, through the night.
Prevent my escape.

From still and frost.
To the dreamland, I hope.
Within the window, I peer.
See my eyes, through thine.

Into the window, I stare.
Both souls thus bare.

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